Apricots and Cardamom sorbet

“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality.”

Last week I spent some days in my beloved isola d’Elba.

Intese scents of Mediterranean scrub melt together with light blue hues, I haven’t seen for a while. The island expands my senses and permits me to grab a balance, made of simple things.

To the magic atmosphere of the island this year contributed an expected meeting. One of those coincidence that leaves you with a good feeling.

On a mild evening, while I was walking in Capoliveri, I stopped by a stand, being attracted by little notebooks with handmade illustrations and inspiring quotes. I took in my hand one notebook with a flying man, carried towards his dreams by a bunch of ballons. I opened it and I immediately recognise the drawing on the first page and I exclaimed “I know who you are, you come from Versilia”. That drawing was impressed in my mind, as soon a I saw it on the murales created for a special room of a friend blogger, Serena Puosi.

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Serena, and also Sara, the artist who made the murales (together with Guido), lives in the same village I have been calling home for the latest years. I met her on social networks one year ago, thanks to an amazing photo of our territory she published on Instagram.

I know that sometimes social networks are superficial and seem to be populated by fake and homologated people, and it is often true. But if you open your eyes and heart, you could meet online beautiful and real people, that you just can’t wait to meet offline as soon as possible.

Sara, Serena and I. Three young women, with different stories and roots, but we are all holding tight a bunch of ballons, trying to fly towards our dreams.

You should definitely have a look at Disegnata, the Facebook page of Sara and Guido or visit them in Capoliveri, where they will remain the whole summer.


To celebrate the beauty of simple people, I will share this recipe of an easy, delicious and refreshing sorbet.
I chose apricots, since they are now in full season, and cardamom, a spice I love with apricots and peaches, and which is not so used in Italy.

Inverted sugar syrup (as well as glucose) helps the sorbet to be creamier; but if you don’t find it, you can just substitute with the same amount of caster sugar.

sorbetto di albicocche


500 g apricots (net weight, without the kernel)
160 g sugar
40 g inverted sugar syrup, or glucose
125 g water
2 cardamom pods

Wash the apricots and slice them into pieces.

In a mortar, crush the seeds inside the cardamom pods.

In a blender or with a minipimer, mix all the ingredients, included the crushed seeds of the cardamom, until you get a nice and smooth texture.

Pour the mixture in the icrecream maker and turn it on. After 20-30 minutes, the sorbet will be ready.

You could prepare it some hours before, placing the sorbet into the freezer, giving it a stir once every hour.


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