Privacy Policy

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Privacy policy

1. Cookies

Cookies are information that websites register on the computer memory, smartphone or tablet you use to browse: they can be used for different purposes, for exemple to save your preferences, let you buy products on an e-commerce and identify you when you come back to a website.

On this site I use technical cookie for:

  • remembering if I have already informed you about cookies, or if I have to remind you that I use them and invite you to read this privacy policy.

Other information you could be interested in:

  • I use Google Analytics to get, in anonymized way, the statistics about the use of my website (down below, I’ll explain you better).
  • I use the Facebook pixel to retargeting (down below, I’ll explain you better).

In your browser you can set the privacy preferences so that you don’t store cookies, and cancel them after each visit or accept just the cookies of La Dani Gourmet and not the ones of a third party.

2. Use of contact form and data in comments or contacts

If you write me from the Contact page, I use your data just to answer your email, the same if you leave a comment under a blog post. Your data will be in my mail server (Gmail), in the database of my website (hosted on Aruba) if it’s about comments and in my backups; I’m the owner and responsible of handling data, that I do not give to anyone.

3. Browsing the website

To get the statistics about the visits of my website I use Google Analytics, which is a free service of Google and I set it so that I get anonymized IP addresses (the final number of the IP are obscured).

The information generated by the Google Analytics cookie about your use of this website (included the first part of the IP address) are sent to Google and stored on their servers in the US. Google uses this information to track and examine the use of the website by visitors, and give these data, in aggregated form and never linked to your identity, through the Analytics reports and its other services (like Google Trends).

Google could give these information to third parties in case this is imposed by law or in case these subjects handle the date on behalf of Google; potrebbe trasferire queste informazioni a terzi nel caso in cui questo sia imposto dalla legge o nel caso in cui si tratti di soggetti che trattano queste informazioni per suo conto; read more about Google privacy policy.

I use these analytics to better understand what you prefer and what you’re not interested in, so I can improve the content of this blog.

If you don’t want to be tracked, neither in an anonymized manner, you could download the Se non vuoi essere “tracciato”, nemmeno in forma anonima, da questo o da altri siti che usano Google Analytics, puoi scaricare il Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on: it works on the main browsers, and it’s distributed by Google.

4. Retargeting

In this website I use the Facebook pixel to retargeting, it means it lets you see advertising on Facebook which is coherent with the pages you already visited. Retargeting uses cookies, and you data are not linked to your identity or your personal data.

You can always change the settings of your Privacy to check and blocj the cookies and manager the use of your data. All the main browsers let you modify these info and clock the cookies installation.

You could also check an online service which lets you verify which cookies are active on your browser and how to block them: it is called Your Online Choices.

5. Information on other services

I frequently use Google Drive and Dropbox in many phases of my work, in managing the projects of my customers, and sometimes to send you some resources. If you want, you can read more about these tools and how they guarantee the safety of your data and contents: Google Drive e Dropbox.

For any further information, you can send me an email:

This privacy policy is compliant to the UE 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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